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If you want to speak any language fluently, including English, the first thing you need is to master certain skills. Many students focus on learning vocabulary. They want to learn as many words as they can, as quickly as they can. This, however is a mistake. Students who learn many words end up forgetting most of the words they study! Even worse, students who study many words do not know how to use those words correctly and end up making many vocabulary mistakes when they speak English.

Students of English, then,need to learn many sentences. But before learning many sentences, the very first skill is to learn how sounds work in your new language. For example, a learner of Chinese not only has to learn to pronounce each word, he or she must also learn to master the "tone" of each word. In English, you not only have to learn to pronounce the sounds of English (see Basic English Pronunciation but you must also learn the rhythm of English.

After mastering English pronuncation, then you can beging to learn more and more sentences. One of the best techniques for learning English sentences is the Backwards Sentence Technique. Use this technique to help you whenever you have trouble remembering a sentence in English. You can then successfully practice sentences such as these "tongue twisters" and you are on your way to speaking English fluently!

When you have mastered both the sounds of English and basic sentences, you need to do "extensive" practice. A good way to do this is by using a technique called Shadow Practice which you can use to study English movies, TV programs, or songs. You don't have to study English alone. Go to our Speak English Fluently group where you can meet other learners of English and ask lots of questions. In the future, we will have live classes online so that you can find out just how fluent you really are!

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