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An Introduction to Pal Talk Software

What is the biggest problem people around the world have when trying to learn to speak English? So many people have studied English for years, yet they still cannot speak it well. They know so much about English but cannot use what they know. Of course, the key to learning to use English is to practice every day. Here is a great way for English learners around the world to speak English any time they want. It's called "Pal Talk".

What is Pal Talk? Paltalk is a service that allows you to communicate with people from all over the world, using instant messaging (IM), voice and video chat. There are thousands of chat rooms and you have the ability to create your own room on any topic.

What makes Pal Talk so useful? There are five very good reasons. First, it is easy to use after installing the software (see below for instructions). Second, Pal Talk has very good quality sound, at least most of the time. Third, you can get live help with any problems you have by going to one of the "Help" rooms. Fourth, there are many "rooms" already set up with many members participating, so you will easily find people to talk to. Fifth, you can set up your own room very easily and control who comes in and who must leave. This can prevent many problems with unfriendly people who don't want to help you learn English!

To set up Pal Talk, just go to www.paltalk.com and register. Be sure to use a good username that you like. You will use that name whenever you use Pal Talk. After downloading the software, install it following the instructions. When you first use Pal Talk, click on "Open Room" to choose which room you want to enter. Choose the "Education" category, then "Languages". You will see many rooms where people are practicing languages. Most of them are for learning English, so you are ready to go! Good luck!

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