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How do you learn English?
Are you an "Internalizer" or an "Externalizer"?

Every student has a favorite "learning style". When learning English, some students are "Internalizers" and some are "Externalizers". "Internalizers" are students who learn better inside themselves. Internalizers learn best by analyzing language, by "playing" with language inside their brains. "Externalizers", on the other hand, learn better by meeting people and by speaking out in English. Internalizers are more reflective, they think about language a lot. Externalizers are more reactive, they like to do things and take action.

If you are an Internalizer, what should you do to learn English more effectively? You should try different kinds of practice that help you learn in the most natural way. For example, you could try to visualize yourself learning English well and imagine you already speak fluently. To actually practice speaking you could simply talk to yourself in English! Or, if you want to improve your written English, try to learn English writing by example.

If you are an Externalizer, what should you do to learn English more effectively? For speaking, you can try to exchange language with a native speaker of English if you are willing to teach your own language. If you want to improve your written English, here is an easy exercise to practice writing. For advanced students, learning to speak English professionally is a great goal to pursue.

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