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Have you ever tried "shadow practice"? It's a great way to improve your fluency. I'm using it now to try to improve my Chinese speaking ability and my students have used it for many years with great success. The technique is quite simple. Whenever you hear English, whether from a teacher, from TV or radio, from a DVD or a song, try to follow the voice by moving your mouth, but do NOT use your own voice. You should listen to the natural pronunciation and intonation of the speaker while exercising all of the muscles of your face.

Here are some general tips to follow while doing "shadow practice":

1. Do not worry about meaning at first. Your goal is to speak faster and faster. You will understand more in the future.

2. Try to feel like a native English speaker. Some of my students even IMAGINE that they are a TV or radio announcer! This helps to to pay very close attention to every sound and word of English.

3. Be consistant. That means you should practice a little every day. Think like an Olympic athlete or a professional musician. If you practice every day, you will be sure winner!

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