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Top Five Ways to Improve Your Pronunciation

Method 5. Learn correct English rhythm.

Rhythm is very important in English and can help you sound much more natural when you speak. Try this video for practice: Learn English Rhythm.

Method 4. Record your own voice.

Try to find your own mistakes. At first, you may not be able to hear your mistakes. But with practice, your ear will become more sensitive to the sounds of English.

Method 3. Recite many sentences.

"Words are knowledge but sentences are fluency". That's what my teacher always told me! Try some of Teacher Joe's fluency videos here: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, and Lesson 3. Practice these sentences until you can say them easily.

Method 2. Use "Shadow Practice".

This is a simple way to improve but it can really change how smoothly you speak! Whenever you hear someone speaking English, either a teacher in the classroom or someone on TV or in a movie, simply move your own mouth as if you were speaking. Do NOT use your voice, because you need to listen carefully to the speaker. One of Teacher Joe's students did this in class, and became the teacher's "shadow". She ended up being the best speaker in the whole school!

Method 1. Listen to Songs.

Songs are fun and you can listen many, many times and still enjoy them. The lyrics (the words) of English songs very naturally follow the rhythm and intonation of speaking. At the same time, you can learn some good vocabulary and sentence patterns. Here are two songs you can listen to. The first one is slow and the second is for those who really like a challenge! Sunshing on My Shoulder, Thank God I'm a Country Boy.
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