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Lesson 20: Learn English Punctuation

Here is a funny kind of "spoken" punctuation. Each period, comma, exclamation point (!), question mark (?), quotation marks (" ") and colon (:) is communicated by a sound. It all starts after a minute and 30 seconds. The complete reading is below:

"In the open window there suddenly came light. Beautiful Eleanor had alone dreaming of but one thing. Two years had passed, since she met her Henry. She could still remember the unhappy evening, when her father had thrown him out. They had been sitting in the park and Henry had said: "Darling! Is this the first time you have loved?" She had answered: "Yes - but it is so wonderful, that I hope it shall not be the last!" - (Its getting a little messy here)"

"Suddenly she heard a well known sound. It was he. In two strikes he was near her, embraced, kissed and caressed her. "Henry! What is love?" she asked. He answered: "Well, I couldn't live without!" ..... She asked: (I'm sorry) "Where have your thoughts been?" He answered: "With thee, my lady." Suddenly he had gone. All she heard was the well-known sound of his departing horse. (No way!)"

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