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Lesson 13: Another Child Helps Us Learn English!

Here is another cute kid who can help us learn. He talks about his girlfriends and why he likes older women! In the end, is he really talking about his girlfriends? Watch the video and find out. The full text is below with Teacher Joe's comments added.

Announcer: Do you like being on this program? (This TV program.)
Child: Yeah. (Yes.)
Announcer: Do you know who I am? (He must have been a famous announcer at that time...)
Child: No.
Announcer: Do you think I'm good looking? (Good looking = handsome)
Child: Yeah.
Announcer: I think YOU'RE good looking.
Child: Yes, indeed!
Announcer: Speaking of good looking, you got a girl? (a girlfriend)
Child: Huh?
Announcer: Do you have a girl?
Child: Yeah, a girlfriend.
Announcer: You have a girlfriend?
Child: Three of 'em. ('em = them) But they, they, they're older than me. They're older than me, that's why I get the older ones 'cause (because) they're more mature and they got money and stuff! ("stuff" can be anything - cars, nice clothes, whatever)
Announcer: You get the older ones because they're more mature?
Child: Yeah, and they got more money!
Announcer: How much older are they than you?
Child: I have to ask my Daddy over again because I think one of 'em is age 30, that's the only one I know the age is right.
Announcer: But your Daddy knows how old they are?
Child: Yeah.
Announcer: How does he know?
Child: Because he's been seeing her for a long time.

So, in the end, we see that the woman is really the father's girlfriend!

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Send this page to a friend by clicking here!

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