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Lesson 8: Learn English from a "Dummy"

(If this video loads slowly for you, try hitting then "Play" button. Then, when the video begins, hit "Pause". Wait for a bit before hitting "Play again.)

In this lesson we see a ventriloquist. A ventriloquist is a person who can "throw" his voice, and speak without moving his lips, so that it seems like the dummy he is holding is actually talking. In this video, the dummy is a dragon named Scorch.

Key Vocabulary:
Hold it! - Stop! or Wait!
All I said was... - This is a way to excuse oneself.
a weird-looking suit - Strange
Mr. Macho! - "You think you're so tough!"
Nya, nya, nya, nya, nyaaaaa! - This is a childish way of laughing at someone. (The dragon is saying that Ronn is childish.)
Gropies - Ronn thinks Scorch is saying "Groupies", which means young girls who follow famous people wherever they go. "Gropies" sounds like the women will "grope" or "grab" the famous person, which is what Scorch seems to want!
Hit it, John - Start the music!
(song begins...)

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