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Lesson 5: Learn English as a Child Learns English!

This is a very funny video - I laugh every time I see it! But it's not just funny. You can learn some useful English from it, too. First, you can learn what people say when they are angry at other people - "I'm gonna kick your ass!". This is not very polite, so don't say it unless you are ready to fight! With friends, when you are just pretending to be angry, you can say "I'm gonna kick your butt".

Here's the whole text:

Mother: And tell Mommy again what you said you were going to do to him if he came here.
Child: I said, I'm gonna kick his ask!
Mother: Oh! That's not nice!
Child: If he gonna come in here, he's gonna kick my ask!
Mother: He will?
Child: Yeah! He'll come out in a movie. He'll come out. He will come out and kick my ask.
Mother: Okay...
Child: And I can kick his ask!
Mother: Okay, but that's not a nice word. You should say "kick his butt".
Child: Oh!!!

This 3-year-old child, talking about a monster coming into their home, plans to "kick his ass" but actually says "kick his ask"! The mother first tells the child "that's not nice" because it's impolite. But the child explains that the monster, if it comes out of the movie, will kick her ass, so she will kick the monster's ass. Finally, the mother corrects her child by teaching a less impolite word to use.

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Send this page to a friend by clicking here!

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