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Lesson 2: Learn to pronounce English "R"
by talking like a pirate!

(This video is a little slow to load. Try clicking on the start button but when the video does start, click on "pause" and wait for it to load).

This is a funny video, but a bit difficult. This modern-day pirate is talking about how to use the pirate words "yargh" and "argh" correctly. It's a kind of vocabulary lesson! The important point for real students is to hear how the "R" is pronounced.

Watch how this "teacher" uses context to explain. He's a pretty good teacher, even if he does like to plunder (steal) and pillage (destroy things).

You can jump ahead to the 1 minute and 45 second mark where the "lesson" begins. Then you can watch the examples at the 2 minute mark. I think the first two examples, getting burned by the hot water in the shower, and not being able to find the "perfect" video, are the funniest.

Have fun learning to talk like a pirate, and you will be able to say the English "R" perfectly!

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