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Lesson 1: Learn the "Figure Eight" song

There are four points students of English can learn from this song:

1. Learn about rhyming in English: skate, eight and great all end with the same sound, even though they are spelled very differently.

2. Learn expressions like "skate on thin ice" which means to be in a dangerous situation, or "think twice" which means to be careful.

3. We can compare temperatures in Farenheit to temperatures in Celsius. One skater has a bit of an accident and hits a big thermometer (a tool for measuring the temperature). The thermometer shows 32 degrees (4 times 8 is 32!). 32 degrees Farenheit equals zero degrees Celsius. This is the temperature at which water freezes.

4. We can learn how to talk about multiplying in English. For example, we can read 4x4=16 as "four times four is sixteen" or as "four times four equals sixteen".

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