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Learn English Opposites
Part 2

In Learn English Opposites, Part 1, we learned how to use opposites to help us remember new vocabulary. In this lesson, we will go one step beyond and look at some common adjectives and their opposites. Hopefully, this will give students more words to use when they describe people and situations, instead of using the same simple adjectives all the time.

To make your English sound more natural, you should learn these adjectives in sentences. Answer the following questions using the adjectives modest, ugly, cowardly, boring, intelligent, serious, ordinary, wonderful, foolish, and sickly. You can find the answers at the end of this article, but try to answer every question before looking at the answers.

1. What is the opposite of impressive?

2. What is the opposite of stupid?

3. What is the opposite of brave?

4. What is the opposite of humorous?

5. What is the opposite of healthy?

6. What is the opposite of arrogant?

7. What is the opposite of wise?

8. What is the opposite of ridiculous?

9. What is the opposite of terrible?

10. What is the opposite of beautiful?

1. The opposite of impressive is ordinary.
2. The opposite of stupid is intelligent.
3. The opposite of brave is cowardly.
4. The opposite of humorous is boring.
5. The opposite of healthy is sickly.
6. The opposite of arrogant is modest.
7. The opposite of wise is foolish.
8. The opposite of ridiculous is serious.
9. The opposite of terrible is wonderful.
10. The opposite of beautiful is ugly.

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