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Recommended Movie 1: "Wonderman", starring Danny Kaye

Watching movies is a great way to learn a language. With old movies available on the Internet, you can watch some of the greatest films of all time. This allows you to improve your listening ability in English while also increasing your English vocabulary and learning new expressions in English. Don't worry if the movie is too difficult at first. Start by getting the main idea, then try to understand the details later. The first movie I want to recommend is called "Wonderman", starring the great American comedian, Danny Kaye. (Click here to watch now. )

Students can learn alot from watching this movie. "Wonderman" is the story of two identical twins who have very different personalities and, in fact, never even see each other any more. One brother is a very studious "bookworm" who has a photographic memory. He is very shy, especially around women. His brother is very outgoing and funny. In fact, he is so funny that he has his own comedy show on Broadway, in New York City. Also, he is definitely NOT shy around women! As a result, the two characters use quite different vocabulary when they speak.

The story begins when the outgoing brother, who uses the stage name "Buzzy Bellew" for his show, witnesses a murder. He must be a witness to the crime, but of course, the killer now wants to kill HIM too. And the killer succeeds! That is when the ghost of Buzzy tries to get his twin brother involved to help bring the killer to justice.

Students should pay careful attention to the formal language of Eddie, the shy brother, as compared with the informal language of Buster, the outgoing brother. You will learn that there are different ways to talk in the library and backstage at a theater. This is a good lesson on when, and how, to speak informally and when to be more informal.

The funniest parts, in my opinion, are when Eddie talks to the ghost of his brother Buster, but nobody else can see Buster. This gets him into lots of trouble, as you can imagine! It is also funny to see poor Eddie, who is so shy, find himself on stage, taking his twin brother's place. Could you imagine yourself in his shoes? That would be quite a shock! But of course, there's a happy ending, as there always is in Hollywood. Enjoy!

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