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You can learn more English, and learn to speak English fluently, by having more conversations. But how can you have many conversations in English? It is very easy if you learn the most common way to start conversations in English. Questions, in general, are a good way to begin conversations. The most popular question used to start conversations in English is, "Have you ever...?".

Some sample sentences that you will often hear are "Have you seen any good movies recently?", "Have you ever tried bungee jumping?", or "Have you ever visited another country?". Using questions like these, you can find out about the other person's experiences, and see if you and that person have any good topics to talk about. If, for example, you find that the other person has seen a movie that you also enjoyed, then you can have a good conversation about the movie and other, similar movies. If the other person has travelled to other countries, you can ask about his or her opinions and observations. If, on the other hand, he or she has not travelled to other countries, you could then ask about where he or she would like to go in the future.

Try these kinds of questions whenever you meet people from other countries. You can even try having conversations online. If you would like to do that now, go to Teacher Joe's Language Exchange Page to learn how to find exchange partners from around the world. Remember to keep on practicing. At first, you might find that people do not respond very enthusiastically. With time and experience, however, you will certainly find someone who will be a good conversation partner as well as a good friend!

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