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Learn English Vocabulary Using a Thesaurus
A great idea for students of English!

Almost every student of English has a dictionary to help with learning new vocabulary. Another very useful tool for learning is called a "thesaurus". A thesaurus is, basically, a book that shows you words that have the same meaning, or a similar meaning, to the word you choose. Often it includes opposite words too. One benefit of using a thesaurus is that you can learn many new words if you use a thesaurus every day. Another benefit is that you can learn how to choose the right word for the right situation.

Two good online sites to learn from are the Merriam Webster Thesaurus which is the one Teacher Joe uses when he wants to choose just the right word for an article. Equally good, however is the basic thesaurus provided by Yahoo which is based on the famous Roget's Thesaurus.

Try going to one of those sites and look up the word "wonderful". Students often use the word "wonderful" too much. Give your English some variety by using words provided by the thesaurus, such as "astounding", "phenomenal", or "superb". To really build your vocabulary, try looking up those words (astounding, phenomenal and superb) in the thesaurus or a dictionary to learn how these words are a bit different from each other.

With daily practice, your English is getting better and better. A thesaurus will help you speak more than wonderful English - your English will become astounding, superb, even phenomenal! Keep up the good work!

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