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English Vocabulary: Learn Names of Body Parts

To succeed in learning a language, building your vocabulary is absolutely necessary. In this lesson, you can learn not only vocabulary related to parts of the body in English, you can also practice making sentences that will help you communicate more clearly in English. Remember: "Words are knowledge, sentences are fluency". If you want to speak English fluently, learn how to explain the names of various body parts using these typical English sentences.

Sentence 1: The part of the body between the foot and the leg is the ankle.

Sentence 2: Which part of your body is between your hand and your arm? Your wrist is between your hand and your arm.

Sentence 3: Are your shoulders between your arms and your torso (the main, central part of your body)? Yes, my shoulders are between my arms and my torso.

Sentence 4: Our shoulders are connected to our head by our neck.

Sentence 5: The top part of our face is called our forehead.

Sentence 6: We have two knees which are located between our upper and lower legs.

Sentence 7: The part of our body between our upper arm and forearm is our elbow.

Sentence 8: The short, fat "finger" on each hand is called the thumb.

Sentence 9: We have two holes in our nose that are called nostrils.

Sentence 10: At the bottom tip of our face we have a chin.

After you master the above sentences, you can go to English Expressions Using Body Parts to learn how to use words more creatively in idiomatic English. Of course, more sentences means more fluency. Good luck!

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