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The Importance of Listening to English

My new students are amazing! I teach a lot of classes and have a lot of students, at my new job, so I find it a bit tiring, but it's fun to see them make so much progress so fast. They are very eager to try whatever I tell them and they work hard to improve their English. They try to repeat my English sentences exactly as I say them. When they get the rhythm and intonation of English right, they sound just like native English speakers! I believe these students are successful because they are very careful to listen to me, so that they can follow me perfectly. I also believe that you can do the same thing and have the same success.

My previous article mentioned the need to imitate when learning English. In my live classes this week, students have been listening to various sayings and quotes not only to learn to pronounce English well but also to learn useful expressions at the same time.

Besides sayings and quotes, I often do dictations which you might also try. (Go to http://www.teacherjoe.us/Dicts.html to use Joe's Dictations.) You can also listen to short stories, such as Joe's Jokes which are a bit more difficult but are a great way to learn English vocabulary. Finally, Joe has made some videos for pronunciation and for listening. Try all of these ways to learn (just a little each day!) and your speaking will be better and better. Listening to English is the key.

Remember, success in learning English comes when you study every day. Good luck!

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