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Online Language Exchange for Learning English

If you want to become fluent in English, you need to study vocabulary and also learn sentences and stories. After you learn lots of language you then need to practice. A great way to do this is through online language exchange. Teacher Joe has given some good general advice in a previous article. (Go to http://www.teacherjoe.us/Exchange.html to read it.)

To do online language exchange, there are some sites that are very good and some that are not so good. I think two of the best sites are My Language Exchange and Lingo Zone ("lingo" is a slang word for language). The big advantage of My Language Exchange is that you can find language partners not only for English,but also for more than 100 other languages. It is a site that has been recommended by many experts as a great site for learning English. Lingo Zone is similar to My Language Exchange and also includes some games to help you learn English.

Besides specific web sites, you can try chat software such as MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger. However, the best software for language learners is called Pal Talk. It allows you to set up your own room or visit rooms that have been specifically set up for language learning. You can not only meet other students, you can also meet teachers from around the world!

If you follow Teacher Joe's advice, I'm sure you'll get lets of practice and make progress fast. Good luck and have fun!

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