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Here are some English words and expressions that you will find on the Internet. Part 1 is basic vocabulary that everyone should know in English. Part 2 is a list of short forms of long words.

Part 1. Basic Internet Vocabulary

web site - a whole collection of web pages ("site" means "place")

web page - only one page of a site

web browser - the software such as Explorer or Firefox that lets you read web pages

web address - what you type into your browser when you want to go to a page, also called the URL (Universal Resource Locator)

internet connection - how you get onto the Internet (you can dial through your telephone, have a fast cable such as ADSL, or have a wireless connection).

bandwith - how fast information can go through the Internet

email - "electronic" mail

a username - the name you use to get into your email

a password - a secret word you use to get into your email

spam - advertisements and other unwanted email, also called "junk mail"

a blog - a web log which means something someone writes every day about their life or job or hobby

to subscribe - to sign your name so that you can receive a blog, or other information, in your email box (then you do not have to go back to the web page every day)

Part 2. English Acronyms

URL - "Universal Resource Locator" is the address of a web page (for example "www.teacherjoe.us/Learn.html").

html - "Hyper Text Markup Language" is a language used to make web pages.

pdf - A file you can read like a book.

wav - An audio file (sound)

btw - "By the way."

imo - "In my opinion."

How R U? - "How are you?"

CU L8tr - "See you later!"

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