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Learn English Vocabulary, Story 3

Read this story to help you learn English vocabulary. Difficult words are explained on the right side of the page. To learn most effectively, read the story at least two times.

A woman's husband (1) was cheating on her. The woman and her husband got (2) a divorce and the woman (3) went on with her life hating her ex-husband.

One day she found a beautiful lamp lying in the streets. She picked it up and (4) rubbed it a little bit. Suddenly, (5) a genie (6) popped out of the lamp! The genie said that he would (7) grant her three wishes but, with every wish, her husband would get the same thing only double.

So, the woman thought of a first wish. "I want to be rich!", she said. Suddenly, the woman became rich, and her ex-husband became (8) twice as rich! Then the woman thought of a second wish. "I want to be beautiful!". The woman immediately became beautiful, and the husband became twice as handsome.

"Okay", the genie said, "this is your last wish so be careful what you wish for!"

The woman thought hard and finally came to a desision. "I want you to (9) scare me HALF to death!"

(1) he was with another woman
(2) they ended their marriage
(3) she continued
(4) moved her hand over it, maybe to clean it
(5) a magical person
(6) came out quickly
(7) will give

(8) double

(9) make someone afraid

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