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If you check out Teacher Joe's Writing Page, you will find some good suggestions for how to write better. We looked at how to learn from writing examples in How to Learn English number 45 which is a good start for many writers. Also, you can check out Teacher Joe's suggestions for writing paragraphs. You can apply this advice to writing anything. Now, to improve your fluency in writing, one of the best ways is to start a blog.

What is a blog? Good question! The word blog comes from a combination of two words, "web", meaning the internet (www = world wide web), and "log" which is like a journal or diary where someone can write down their thoughts for the day. In a blog, then, people write down their most interesting thoughts, ideas and experiences for the whole world to see. One of the great things about a blog is that other people can write comments about your writing. That way, it becomes like real communication. With real communication, you become much better at choosing words, using grammar that is more accurate, and organizing your thoughts well. In short, you become a better writer!

How can you get started? There are many sites where you can keep a blog for free. Maybe the best site for learners is the ESL (English as a Second Language) blogs at English Club.com. As soon as you sign up, which is very easy to do, a blog is instantly set up. A big advantage of this site is that there are already so many other English learners, and English teachers, there to give you comments. And when you start writing comments on other people's blogs, you not only continue to improve your writing, you also will make good friends.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Happy blogging!

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