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Many students ask me how to improve writing skills in English. Learning to write is one of the most difficult things in any language, even in our first language. We use spoken language every morning, every afternoon and every evening. However, we only write a few times each week. Sometimes we don't write at all in a week!

Learning to write better takes lots of practice. Keeping a journal, as described by Teacher Joe previously (see his Learn English Through Journals page), is one way to practice. Writing lots of emails in English is another good way. Also, reading English can help you improve your writing, as you see many examples of good writing. Any book, magazine or newspaper can provide many examples of good writing.

Besides books, magazines and newspapers, students also need to see examples of writing similar to their own writing. Try going to Teacher Joe's Compositions page. You will find examples of students' compositions, with notes by Teacher Joe explaining how to make specific improvements. After each student composition you will find an improved version written by Joe. These compositions are not perfect, as they were written rather quickly, but they are good examples of how to make your writing stronger.

After reading these corrected compositions, try looking again at some of your own writing. Can you find any grammar mistakes when you read again? Can you think of some better word choices? Do you think you have good, specific examples that communicate strongly? I hope you read all the compositions, but don't forget to apply what you learned to your own writing. Good luck!

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