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If you want to improve your English ability, you have to use your brain! You have to start to think in English. One way to do that is to ask and answer questions. You actually started to do this in the classroom. Your teacher asked questions while you and your classmates had to think to come up with the answers. When your teacher gave you homework, wasn't it in the form of questions that you had to think about? The question and answer approach is basic to learning and now you are ready for more challenging questions.

Riddles are questions that we ask for fun. They are like a trick. Usually they have two meanings. One meaning is easy to see, but the other meaning takes more thought. Often, riddles need to be spoken. They don't often seem funny if we read them. For example, one of my favorite riddles is "What is black and white and read all over?" When we HEAR that, we cannot see "read". Instead, we think it is "red" which has the same pronunciation as "read" (past particple of the verb "to read"). After we hear "black" and "white", it is hard to think of "read", so we try to think of an animal that is black, white and red. Is it a zebra who is embarrased? Or a drunk skunk?

After we think of different animals that are black, white and red, we are surprised to hear the answer to the riddle. What is black and white, and READ all over? It's a newspaper! Of course the ink is black and the paper is white. And it is read by many people all over the world. Try asking this question to your friends and see how they try to answer! (Don't try it in email though, because then they can see the difference between "red" and "read".) Later, you can try other riddles. You can first go to Teacher Joe's Riddles then search for "English riddles" on Google. Try to remember one riddle at a time at first, later you can learn a list of several riddles. Not only will you be practicing English, you will be laughing and having fun at the same time!

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