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To successfully learn a language, you need to learn a lot of different things. You need to read English and also listen to English. You need to learn English grammar and vocabulary, etc. But in addition to knowledge, you also need to practice, which is not always easy to do.

You can practice in the real world with your friends or classmates, but now you can practice speaking online as well! Try Teacher Joe's Chat Room. As more students come to the room, you will have more and more partners to practice with. And from time to time, Teacher Joe himself will show up to chat and answer any questions you may have about learning English.

Chatting in the chat room has some responsibilities, the same responsibilties anyone has when they want to learn another language - (1) you should try to be an active partipant in discussions; (2) you should ask questions; (3) you should be respectful of all other learners; and (4) you should be patient using this new opportunity to practice English.

I am looking forward to meeting you and learning together. See you soon!

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