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Learn English Slang, part 2

Here are more English slang expressions for you to learn. If you have not yet seen Teacher Joe's first collection, go to Learn English Slang, part 1 and learn them now!

16. to goof or to goof up - to make a mistake or to do something wrong
Example: "I goofed up on the report, now I have to stay late and write it again."

17. a grand - a thousand (especially when talking about dollars!)
Example: "She makes thirty grand a year as a teacher."

18. the gut - the stomach
Example: "He fell when he got punched in the gut."

19. to be high - to feel very good (usually used when using drugs or sometime alcohol)
Example: "I'm not high on drugs, I'm high on life!"

20. to be hungry - to want to succeed very much
Example: "If you want to be successful, you have to be hungry."

21. in the bag - certain or sure
Example: "The interview went very well. I think the job is in the bag."

22. to get a kick out of something - to enjoy something or to like it very much
Example: "She gets a kick out of playing blues piano."

23. to be a nut or to be nuts - to be crazy
Example: "That teacher is a real nut!"

24. be a pain in the neck (or a pain in the butt!) - to be bothersome or annoying
Example: "My younger brother is always bothering me he's a real pain in the neck."

25. peanuts - very little money
Example: "When I started working at this company, they paid me peanuts."

26. to puke - to throw up or to vomit
Example: "I drank too much, now I think I might puke!"

27. a riot - something that is very funny
Example: "That movie was a riot I couldn't stop laughing!"

28. to hit the sack - to go to bed
Example: "I'm exhausted I think I'll hit the sack."

29. straight - honest or direct
Example: "Don't make excuses, just give me a straight answer."

30. threads - clothes (usually used with good clothes, not old clothes)
"Those are nice threads! Are you going to a job interview or something?"

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