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Learn some of the English slang expressions below. If you can use them at the right time, your English will sound much more natural.

1. to be beat - to feel very tired
Example: "I'm beat! Let's take a rest."

2. awesome - something that is very good
Example: "That was awesome! We should do it again!"

3. bent out of shape - to get angry
Example: "Don't get so bent out of shape it wasn't so bad."

4. to have a big mouth - to talk too much
Example: "Don't listen to him, he just has a big mouth."

5. a bomb - something that is very bad
Example: "The movie was a bomb. Why did we waste our money on it?"

6. the bomb - something really good
Example: "The movie was the bomb. We should go see it again!"

7. to go bananas - to go crazy
Example: "Be quiet! I'm going bananas from all the noise!"

8. bread - money
Example: "You need more bread if you want to buy such a nice car."

9. dough - money
Example: "You need more dough if you want to buy such a nice car."

10. a break - a lucky chance
Example: "Meeting you here today was a lucky break!"

11. to be a chicken or to be chicken - to feel afraid
Example: "Come on! Climb up the ladder. Don't be a chicken!"

12. to be cool - to be good, not a problem
Example: "My job is difficult but my coworkers are cool, so I don't mind."

13. to be cushy - to be very easy
Example: "Bob's job is really cushy it's much easier than ours."

14. dynamite - very exciting
Example: "Look at that long-legged girl in the bikini she's really dynamite!"

15. a flick - a movie, a film
"Hey, let's go see a flick."

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