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Looking for a New Apartment

Fei is giving Jerry advice on how to find a new apartment.

Jerry: I think I really need to move, Fei. This apartment is too noisy and too dark. There are so many cars going by, but no sun comes through the windows. Do you think it would be easy for me to find a better apartment?

Fei: Sure. There are lots of apartments available in Beijing these days. Which part of the city would you like to live in?

Jerry: I'd like to stay on the west side, near the universities, but I'd also like an apartment near the subway.

Fei: Maybe you should consider the Xizhimen area. It's a very convenient location.

Jerry: Yeah, Xizhimen sounds good. It's also near the zoo and the National Library.

Fei: Next you have to think about rent. What price range are you thinking about?

Jerry: Well, I really can't pay more than 1500 yuan a month, but I'd like to pay 1000 if possible.

Fei: What if you find a perfect apartment for 1800 yuan or 2000, something really beautiful. Would you take it?

Jerry: No, I really can't afford to pay that much. 1500 yuan is definitely my limit.

Fei: I think 1000 is possible if you have a roommate. You could share an apartment with a college student, or maybe a young worker.

Jerry: That might be interesting, but I really like my privacy. I need to study Chinese in a quiet place and also sleep in peace every night.

Fei: Maybe it's best for you to pay a little bit more for your own apartment. So, the next step is to decide what kind of apartment you want - how many rooms, what kind of furnishings, stuff like that.

Jerry: I don't need any special furnishings, but I certainly want a southern exposure. I like to have a bright, sunny room. One bedroom and one living room is enough, but I really want to have a balcony.

Fei: That should be easy to find. Most apartment buildings have rooms facing south, usually with a balcony. But if you only want to pay 1500 yuan, maybe you will only have one room, not two.

Jerry: I see. That's a bit small compared to my apartment in New York. But I guess Beijing is more crowded.

Fei: Maybe we'll get lucky and find something bigger. Let's wait and see.

Jerry: Okay, now that I know what I want, what do I have to do to actually find an apartment?

Fei: I'll look through some advertisements and make some phone calls. Then we can go check out the ones that sound good.

Jerry: That's great, Fei. I'm really looking forward to having a nice, new apartment!

Fei: Yes, a SUNNY new apartment!

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