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Flying Discs

Jerry is introducing Fei to a "tradition" from his country.

Fei: What is this place? It's so far from the center of Beijing. We seem to be in the middle of nowhere!

Jerry: This is the International School of Beijing, where the Ultimate Frisbee club meets every Sunday.

Fei: What the heck is Ultimate Frisbee??

Jerry: Hey! There are my friends over there!

Fei: What are they doing? It looks like they're throwing something, but I can't make it out.

Jerry: That's a flying disc, more commonly known as a frisbee.

Fei: Oh, I think we call it "fei pan" in Chinese.

Jerry: "Fei pan"?? It's named after you, Fei!

Fei: Oh PLEEEEEASE, Jerry. Quit your teasing.

Jerry: You taught me about Chinese kites, now I want to introduce you to this American tradition. Ultimate Frisbee has really caught on as a sport since the 1970s.

Fei: Hey, look at that guy fly!

Jerry: What a catch! Jim isn't very tall, but he sure can run.

Fei: I saw someone just like him catch a frisbee on TV once, except it was a dog, not a man!

Jerry: Well, we're just warming up now. Wait until the game starts.

Fei: Game? What kind of game?

Jerry: Ultimate Frisbee is a sport, similar to football or basketball. We have seven players on each team. They have to throw and catch the disc. But we MUST catch the frisbee, or else the other team gets it.

Fei: So what's the goal of Ultimate Frisbee?

Jerry: The goal is to catch the disc at the end of the field, beyond the "goal line".

Fei: It sounds like a blast!

Jerry: It is! It's fun and good exercise too. Are you up for it?

Fei: What?? You want ME to play?

Jerry: Sure! The best way to learn is to LEARN BY DOING!

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