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China's Silicon Valley

Fei helps Jerry buy a new computer in Beijing's Zhong Guan Cun district.

Jerry: I'm so glad you brought me to Zhong Guan Cun, Fei. I might never have found it by myself.

Fei: No problem, Jerry. I'm always happy to help.

Jerry: Are you sure I can find what I want here?

Fei: Could you remind me exactly what you're looking for?

Jerry: I want to buy a very small computer, one that is very light and easy to carry. I want to be able to prepare my lessons wherever I am - in a taxi, at a restaurant, even at the beach.

Fei: Ha ha ha. That would be interesting to see you writing your lessons at the beach! Anyway, I'm sure you can find what you want here. In this building they sell nothing but electronics and computers.

Jerry: I see so many new building under construction here. I wonder what they will be.

Fei: They will probably be office buildings for "hi tech" companies. This part of Beijing is called China's "Silicon Valley".

Jerry: Oh, I didn't know that! Well, let's go inside and take a look. Hey, look at all the cool stuff here! Hmmm... Maybe I should buy an MP3 player while I'm here ... Or maybe a new mobile phone...

Fei: Come on, Jerry. We had better go upstairs or you'll spend all of your money before we even SEE the computers!

Jerry: Okay. Which floor are the computers on?

Fei: Let's see, there's a sign over here. They're on the 3rd and 4th floors. What brand do you want to buy?

Jerry: I think I'd like to buy a SONY.

Fei: Well, you can't beat the quality!

Jerry: Yes, and SONY products are usually small and light.

Fei: Hey, here are some SONY computers. Why don't you ask the price. This is your chance to practice your bargaining skills.

Jerry: Can we bargain in a big electronics store? I had no idea... Fei: Yes you can, but you have to be good! I'm sure you can do it.

Jerry: Thanks for the vote of confidence. Okay, here goes... Uh, excuse me, could you tell me how much this computer is...

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