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Pictures in the Park

Jerry is taking photos in the park when Fei comes along.

Jerry: What are you doing Fei? Get out of the way!

Liu Fei: What do you mean? You don't want to take a picture of just flowers, do you?

Jerry: No, I want to take a picture of the flowers and the trees, the grass, the sky - a beautiful portrait of nature. I'll call it "Spring in Beijing".

Liu Fei: Hey, that rhymes! "Spring in Beijing, with Fei in the way"! Hee hee hee.

Jerry: Nothing personal Fei, but I'm trying to get a perfect, unspoiled nature picture, very pure, very simple. No people allowed!

Liu Fei: Let's just take a couple of regular pictures, then you can get back to your "masterpiece".

Jerry: Oh, okay... Stand to the left of that tree and strike a glamorous pose.

Liu Fei: Glamorous? Hmmm, okay. How's this? Just hurry up snap the picture, I can't stand on one leg all day!

Jerry: Okay, say "cheese"... Got it!

Liu Fei: Now let me take one of you.

Jerry: Oh no! This is taking way too much time. Besides, it might break the camera.

Liu Fei: I'll be careful, I promise.

Jerry: No, I don't mean you. I mean my funny face will crack the camera lens!

Liu Fei: Don't be silly, Jerry. Come on, give me the camera. Okay, what do I do?

Jerry: Wait until you see me in the middle of the picture and make sure I'm in focus. Then just click the shutter, right here. It's as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Liu Fei: Huh? Why would I want to do that?

Jerry: It's just an expression, Fei...

Liu Fei: Well, okay... Anyway, here goes. Say "chie zi"!

Jerry: Good. I'm glad THAT's over with.

Liu Fei: Now we need to take a picture of both of us together. It will be such a wonderful memory! We just have to find someone to take it for us...

Jerry: Oh no, when will this ever end?

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