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Hiking Up Xiang Mountain

Fay and Jerry decide to go hiking to the top of Xiang Mountain, west of Beijing.

Jerry: Wow, we're finally here. Look at all the people!

Fay: It doesn't seem so crowded to me. This is normal in Beijing!

Jerry: I guess we're not the only ones who want to get more exercise. ("ones" = "people")

Fay: Are you ready to start hiking?

Jerry: Let's see... I have enough water, and some snacks to eat on the way... Yes, I'm ready. Go ba?

Fay: "Go ba"?? In Chinese, we usually say "Zou ba?".

Jerry: Yes, my teacher taught that to us. But Chinese "zou" and English "go" rhyme, so my students sometimes combine Chinese and English - they call it "Chinglish"! ("rhyme" = "have the same sound")

Fay: I see. So the answer to "Go ba" in "Chinglish" could be "Let's zou"!

Jerry: That's right: Let's zou!

(Fay smiles at Jerry, and they start climbing. Thirty minutes pass...)

Fay: Oh, I think I need to take a break. I'm exhausted! We haven't gone very far. How can I be so tired?

Jerry: Maybe you should get more exercise.

Fay: You don't seem to be tired at all. Why not?

Jerry: It could be because I exercise regularly. I play tennis three times a week.

Fay: That could be it... We all need to keep our bodies in shape, don't we?

(Fay and Jerry arrive at the top of Xiang Mountain.)

Jerry: Wow, what a beautiful view!

Fay: Look to the east. We can see the Summer Palace!

Jerry: Oh, is that Kunming Lake?

Fay: Yes, it is. And further out we can see the center of Beijing.

Jerry: It sure is breathtaking! I'm glad we came here on a clear day. You know, I'm really glad I came to Beijing. It's a very nice city, very "liveable".

Fay: I'm really glad we came here today. We've had a great time together!

Jerry: But you need to get into better shape, so we can do this kind of thing more often.

Fay: I guess you're right... Hey, I have an idea... Why don't you teach me how to play tennis. Then we can spend lots more time together!

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