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Surfing the Internet

Fay and Jerry talk about what they like to do online.

Fay: Hey Jerry, how often do you use the Internet?

Jerry: Oh, I use it everyday! I check my email, read the news, chat with family and friends all around the world. I love the Internet!

Fay: Yeah, it's great, isn't it? Sometimes I stay online for hours. So, how do you connect to the Net?

Jerry: Usually I just dial 163 or 96600 to log on, and I get billed directly to my telephone account. It's quite convenient.

Fay: That must be slow! I have an ADSL connection, so I can download pictures and music.

Jerry: Well Fay, I'm going to get a high-speed connection too, just as soon as I'm as rich as you!

Fay: Poor, poor Jerry. I really feel sorry for you! Ha ha ha.

Jerry: Don't worry about me, Kiddo. I can still do everything I want. Just today I went to the New York Times to read about what's happening back home, then I searched for some information about how to play tennis better, and finally I used some software called Pal Talk to chat with friends in France, Japan, and Argentina.

Fay: That's cool! You chat with them by typing text messages, right?

Jerry: Not only text, I do "voice chat" too. I have a microphone and speakers. It's like using a telephone, but a whole lot cheaper.

Fay: Hey, I'd like to try that too. Can I just go to www.paltalk.com?

Jerry: Yes, that's right. Once you download their software, you can begin to chat right away. You can speak to people all over the world and all you need is a mic!

Fay: That sounds like a good way to practice English. But sometimes I need more stuctured English practice. Do you know any good sites specially made for students learning English?

Jerry: Well, you could try http://www.teacherjoe.us for various kinds of materials. You might be able to meet some fellow students there who can help you more.

Fay: Thanks Jerry, I think I'll try it out. Oh, I have to be going. You wouldn't happen to know which bus I should take to get to the Foreign Book Store, would you?

Jerry: I think you can go to bjbus.com to find information on all the bus routes in town.

Fay: Too bad I don't have Internet wired directly to my brain! Now that would be REALLY convenient.

Jerry: Well, maybe some day Fay, maybe some day...

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