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Should I Go to Shanghai?

Fay asks Jerry's advice about going to Shanghai to work.

Fay: Hi Jerry! Welcome back from summer vacation. Did you have a good time in Guizhou?

Jerry: Yes, I did. It was everything I expected, and more. How about you? Did you go anywhere?

Fay: Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I spent a week in Shanghai. I'm thinking about getting a job there.

Jerry: Ah, Shanghai - such a wonderful city! You'll really enjoy living there.

Fay: Hmm... I'm not so sure. Shanghai has a lot going for it, but I like Beijing too.

Jerry: What do you like best about Shanghai?

Fay: Shanghai is the business center of China, so there are lots of jobs, and there's always something new. It's more modern than Beijing and generally a convenient place to live.

Jerry: Why would you want to stay in Beijing?

Fay: For one thing, Beijing has a sense of history about it. You know, there's no Great Wall in Shanghai!

Jerry: That's for sure. There's no Forbidden City or Summer Palace, either.

Fay: For another thing, I think people are friendlier in Beijing. Still, I think I'd like to marry a man from Shanghai.

Jerry: But you just said people from Beijing are friendlier!

Fay: Yes, generally speaking. But I've heard that men from Shanghai will help their wives with housework. That's the kind of husband for me!

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