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Taking a Taxi

Jerry is worried about using a taxi in China, so he asks his Liu Fay how to use a taxi in Beijing.

Jerry: Hey Fay, is there anything I need to know about taking a taxi in Beijing?

Fay: Well, it’s pretty easy, Jerry. The first thing you have to do is to signal by holding your hand out. Next, you should find the right taxi. If you want to save money, you should find a taxi that charges only 1.20 (“one point two”) yuan per kilometer. If you want a more comfortable taxi, you can pay 1.60 yuan. The price is printed on a label shown in the back window of each taxi.

Jerry: Okay. So what do I do after I get in the taxi?

Fay: Of course, you should greet the driver and tell him where you want to go. After he starts driving, make sure he turns on the meter.

Jerry: What should I do if he can’t find my destination?

Fay: Then you have to give him directions. Tell him to turn left or right. That’s “zou guai” or “you guai” in Chinese. Or tell him to keep going straight, “yizhi wang qian zou”.

Jerry: Got it! Then I guess all I have to do is pay the driver and say “good-bye”, right?

Fay: Well, not quite. You should always ask for a receipt, which is printed out for every customer. That way, if you forget something in the taxi, you can get it back with no problem.

Jerry: Thanks Fay, that’s a big help!

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