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Fei invites Jerry to go sing some songs with her friends

Fei: Hey Jerry, my friends just invited me to go to "ka la okay" with them tonight. Would you like to come along?

Jerry: Where are you going? California? Do you mean karaoke? We pronounce it "carry oh key" in English, with the emphasis on the "oh".

Fei: Oh, I see. Do you want to go to karaoke with us? It'll be fun!

Jerry: Fei, I feel nervous when someone hands me a microphone. I freeze. I know I'm not a very good singer.

Fei: That's strange! I thought Americans were very outgoing.

Jerry: Not me! I'm very shy, especially in front of a group of strangers.

Fei: Hey, my friends aren't strange!

Jerry: "Strangers" just means "people I don't know". It doesn't mean they are strange! Was it easy for you to sing the first time you went to karaoke?

Fei: For me it was very easy, I love to sing! But now that you mention it, some of my friends were very shy the first time they went. One of my friends says he has to have some beer before he can sing in front of people. Maybe you should have one or two drinks before singing.

Jerry: Yeah, one or two beers might help... or twenty!

Fei: Does that mean you'll come?

Jerry: Okay, I'll give it a try.

At the karaoke club...

Jerry: Oh, it's a private room! I thought we'd be singing in a crowded bar or restaurant.

Fei: No, we have this all to ourselves.

Jerry: That will make it easier maybe. Now, how does this work?

Fei: It's simple. Just choose a song and sing. Do you know "Hotel California"?

Jerry: Sure, everybody knows it.

Fei: Great, here it comes now! Good luck Jerry!

Jerry: What do you mean? I'm not ready to sing yet. I haven't even had ONE beer!

Fei: You'll just have to do your best. You know what they say: "Just do it!"

Jerry starts to sing. Two hours later...

Fei: Jerry, how many songs have you sung?

Jerry: Oh, at least 10.

Fei: I think it's been more like 20. Time to go home!

Jerry: Time to go home? But we're just getting started. Let's stay half an hour more.

Fei: Sorry, we have to go to work in the morning and you have to study. We'll come back some other night.

Jerry: Great! How about tommorrow?

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