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Visiting a Primary School

Jerry tells Fei about his first visit to a Chinese primary school

Jerry: Hi Fei, how was your day?

Fei: Hi Jerry, I've been looking for you. Where have you been?

Jerry: I just had a very interesting experience. I spent the whole day with dozens of little children!

Fei: That sounds like fun.

Jerry: Yes, it was fun... but exhausting! Kids have so much energy.

Fei: Where did you meet all these kids?

Jerry: At the primary school down the street. I visited some of their classes in the morning, then taught them some simple English in the afternoon.

Fei: English must be very difficult for them.

Jerry: Actually, they were very eager to learn. I was quite impressed.

Fei: What did you teach them?

Jerry: One teacher gave me some sentences to practice. The kids love to repeat things out loud! Sometimes I shouted the sentences, and they shouted back at me. Other times I whispered, and they whispered back. They were very cute.

Fei: Yes, I can imagine.

Jerry: We also sang songs and played some English games together.

Fei: That's great. You know, when I was in primary school, we never had English lessons.

Jerry: How about in middle school?

Fei: We studied English, but only for a test. It wasn't very practical.

Jerry: Well, you've managed to learn English very well. I guess it's because you're a "Super Student".

Fei: Ha ha ha. Not me! The kids you saw today seem to be much more "super" than I am. They're the future of China.

Jerry: Yes, they are, so China must have a bright future! I wonder what this country will be like in 15 or 20 years when these kids are adults...

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