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Going to the Great Wall

Jerry wants to visit the Great Wall, so he asks Fay for some suggestions.

Jerry: Fay, I've heard it said that you are not a "true man" until you've stood on the Great Wall. I'd like to visit the Wall this weekend. Do you know how I can get there?

Fay: There are two ways to go there. You could go there directly by bus or train, or you could join a group tour.

Jerry: Is one way better than the other?

Fay: Going with a group is certainly more convenient. Everything is taken care of for you, including lunch and tickets to places of interest along the way. It usually costs around 100 RMB.

Jerry: That sounds like a good deal.

Fay: On the other hand, if you go directly, you won't stop along the way, which means you can spend more time at the Wall itself. It's also cheaper.

Jerry: Well, I like to go off on my own. I think going directly would be better for me. Do you know how I can get there?

Fay: I've heard the cheapest way is by minibus number 919, which you can catch near the Jishuitan subway station. It costs only 10 yuan! There's also a train which starts on the west side of the city which goes directly to the Wall, but I've never taken it. I know there's a small station outside the west gate of Beijing Aeronautics University. You could go there and ask around.

Jerry: That's very close to where I live, so I'll check it out! By the way, have you ever been to the Great Wall?

Fay: Yes, I have. It was VERY impressive! Not only is it so long, but I was surprised at how steep the steps are. It's almost like climbing a mountain! The scenery from the wall is quite spectacular. Looking out from the Wall, you can really get a sense of history.

Jerry: Great! I'm really looking forward to it. So Fay, since you've been to the Great Wall, you are a "true man", right?

Fay: Yes, now I drink lots of beer and even smoke cigars!

Jerry: Really?!?

Fay: Of course not, I'm just kidding!

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