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Choosing Gifts

Fei is helping Jerry decide what gifts to give to his family back home.

Fei: Hi Jerry. Jerry? Oh, Jerry!!

Jerry: Oh, hi Fei. I didn't hear you approaching.

Fei: You were really lost in thought. Or were you sleeping?

Jerry: No, I wasn't sleeping, just thinking.

Fei: About what?

Jerry: Well, I'll be going back home to visit my family for a couple of weeks.

Fei: That's great. It's been a while since you've seen them, hasn't it?

Jerry: Yes, it's been quite a while.

Fei: So, you must be thinking about how happy you'll be to see them again.

Jerry: Yes, that's true. But I'm also thinking about what kinds of gifts I should bring back from China for everyone - my brother, my sister, her husband and daughter, and of course, for my parents.

Fei: Of course, you want to bring back some traditional things. How about some Chinese kites?

Jerry: Hey, that's a good idea! You and I had a lot of fun flying kites together. I'm sure my niece would get a kick out of flying a Chinese-style kites too.

Fei: And maybe you could bring back some masks from the Beijing Opera.

Jerry: Fei, you're a genius! Beijing Opera masks are not only very colorful, they're very exotic too! My parents will really like them. Okay, now I have to think of something to buy my sister. That's a tough one!

Fei: Don't be so pessimistic, Jerry. Does she like exotic fashions? Maybe you could bring back a qipao, a traditional Chinese dress.

Jerry: Of course! Another great idea! How do you think of these ideas so easily, Fei?

Fei: Hey, you said it before... I'm a genius! Ha ha ha.

Jerry: Okay, now the toughest people to shop for - my brother and my sister's husband. What in the world could I bring back for them?

Fei: Didn't you tell me that your brother is studying Chinese now?

Jerry: Yes, that's right. He hopes to come to China after he graduates from university.

Fei: So why not buy him a DVD so that he can watch a movie in Chinese?

Jerry: Sure, he'd love that. He's crazy about kung fu movies, so he can have fun and learn at the same time! You amaze me, Fei.

Fei: Geniuses will do that! Okay, now for your brother-in-law. I think you're on your own there!

Jerry: Well, I could just get him a "I've been to the Great Wall" t-shirt.

Fei: Or maybe he'd like a Chinese kite too. Or maybe a kung fu DVD.

Jerry: Right, or maybe a qipao!

Fei: That's a silly idea!!

Jerry: Yes, you're right. He's much too fat to wear a qipao!

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