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Labor Day Holiday

Fei is telling Jerry about her travel plans during the Labor Day Holiday.

Jerry: The May First holiday is just around the corner. Do you have any plans?

Fei: Actually, I'm thinking of visiting my aunt and uncle in Liaoning Province. I haven't seen them in ages. They live in Dalian. Have you heard of it?

Jerry: Yes, I have. I've heard Dalian is one of the best cities in all of China. Do you think that's true?

Fei: Maybe it is true! It's a very lively city, near the sea. There are beautiful beaches and a wonderful aquarium that I love to visit. It's a real treat to watch the fish swimming around!

Jerry: Oh, I agree. But penguins and dolphins are my favorites. They look kind of funny when they swim. They really seem to enjoy themselves as much as the people who watch them.

Fei: Yes, the dolphins are so cute! They seem to smile at us through the aquarium window.

Jerry: I guess Dalian must also have good seafood.

Fei: Yes, that's right! There are so many delicious seafood restaurants. Many of them are "all you can eat" restaurants, so you can pay one price, and have a big feast!

Jerry: Sounds delicious. It's a shame I don't like seafood, or I would be tempted to come with you.

Fei: How about you, Jerry? Are you planning to escape the big city?

Jerry: No, I travelled last year during the May holiday, and it's just too crazy. It's hard to get your hands on train tickets in Beijing, and the train station and train cars are so crowded. Then the return trip is even worse!

Fei: You really shouldn't stay at home for the holiday. Won't you be lonely in Beijing?

Jerry: I'll take advantage of the opportunity to see more of Beijing. There's no beach here, but there are many interesting events.

Fei: That reminds me, you should go see the Flag Raising Ceremony on Labor Day. It's a big tradition in Beijing.

Jerry: That sounds like a good idea. Where can I see it?

Fei: At Tiananmen Square.

Jerry: Great! It's not far from my apartment. Three stops on the subway only takes about 7 minutes. It will be a cinch to get there.

Fei: There's just one thing - you have to be there before sunrise!

Jerry: That doesn't sound so good. Maybe I'll wait for the Flag Lowering Ceremony in the evening!

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