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Reading Comprehension

Question: Hello Teacher Joe. I have just read College English and am really interested in your helpful answers Now I need your help - I really want to know how to improve reading comprehension. Is doing practice more helpful than remembering vocabulary? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you! From Cando.

Answer: Hello Cando. Reading is fundamentally a SKILL. As with any skill, practice is the key. Many students try to remember vocabulary but in the end, they forget most of the words they study. Even worse, they do not understand how to use the words when they must use them to speak or write. However, students who often practice the skill of reading can see the meaning of words in context, and so learn how words are used.

Learning to read by remembering words is like listening to music by only listening to isolated notes or learning to play basketball by only shooting a basketball. In reality, anyone who wants to really enjoy music must listen to whole songs. And someone who wants to play basketball better must be able to play a whole game, including not only shooting, but also dribbling, rebounding, passing, footwork, teamwork, and defense.

So Cando, yes, you should practice. The good news is that you can enjoy reading so many things through the Internet or through College English! Do it everyday, and I guarantee, you will go far!

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