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Should we watch Harry Potter?

Question: Hi Joe. The other day, our teacher asked us to watch the film Harry Potter in our class. I was really impressed by the major characters in the film. They are full of confidence, courage and a spirit of adventure. They always seemed free without feeling any presures from the magic school. They were happy every day, rarely considering the consequences of their actions, but carried away by every new opportunity that came along. However, I still didn't know the purpose of the teacher asking us to see it. Perhaps the purpose is to practise our oral English. Meanwhile, I don't know the theme of this film. It is said that Americans have different opinions of Harry Potter. I have even heard that some authorities want to ban this book for children. I can't understand that. Would you be so kind as to explain this to me? I am very grateful for your help. From Senger in Xi'an.

Answer: Hello Senger. I think your teacher asked you to watch the movie because it's a good way to learn English. I also believe you should watch as many movies and listen to as much English as possible. Listening to English is so important that I am now building this web site to help my students listen to English. Try out the dictations, quiz games, jokes and English sayings until you have mastered them. At the same time, you should follow your teachers's model and watch many DVDs and TV programs.

I don't know much about Harry Potter, but I don't think there is really a special theme. It is just an adventure story. Some people (very few!) think it is "evil" because they believe in only one god, up in heaven, and anything that talks about magic is contrary to their belief. Such people really don't know anything about Harry Potter, they only want others to agree with their limited ideas. Anyway, I have never met such a person and you probably won't either!

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