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IELTS Speaking Function Thirteen
Narrating or Telling Stories

Some students think they never tell stories, but that is not true. Any time we talk about an action or an event, it is a story. If you describe a book you have read, or a movie that you have seen, that is a story too. If the IELTS Examiner asks you about what you did yesterday or last week, you will have to tell a story! Here is the basic formula for telling a story:

    Step 1: Tell who is involved in the situation or event (or movie or book) and where it happens. Give enough information so that the listener can "picture", or imagine, the people and place clearly in his or her mind.
    Step 2: Describe the main action that happened at that time or in that movie. See How to Explain in English for some easy ways to describe action.
    Step 3: Be sure to end with the main point of the story. This is what listeners, including an IELTS Examiner, will remember.
To learn more about story telling, you can read How to Tell a Joke in English for some practical advice. To practice, try reading Teacher Joe's Jokes while listening to the audio. Take time to recite some jokes and the process of telling stories will become easier and easier for you.

If you get very good at story telling, by practicing with your voice in a variety of ways and by adding expressive body language, you might become a professional speaker some day. That is a good reason to practice extra hard! Good luck!

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