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IELTS Speaking Function Twelve
How to Analyze in English

When we analyze a problem in English, we must break it down and look at the individual parts. Analyzing is not as easy as previous functions but if you can use one of the sentences below at the right time, you will have a good chance at a higher score. Be sure, however, to use these sentences only when you are talking about a difficult problem and want to explain it in simpler parts.

Here are some advanced English sentences you can use on the IELTS exam to show your ability to the Examiner.

    Example 1: Let's look at the situation in three (or four) parts. First...
    Example 2: We should consider this problem step by step. I think the first step is...
    Example 3: If we break this question down into smaller parts, we can see clearly that...
You don't have to always use sentences like this when you are analyzing. If you simply talk about parts of a problem and explain each part, that can be enough. As with Explaining in English, you should use "transitions" between two parts.
    Example 4: That was the first part. The second part is a bit different...
    Example 5: After the first and second parts, it is easier to understand the third part which is...

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