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IELTS Speaking Function Eleven
Making a Summary in English

Some basic English phrases that everyone should use easily when summarizing are these:

In summary (I believe) ...
To summarize (it is my belief that) ...
To conclude (I want to say) ...
Combine the phrases above with your most important opinion or some of your key facts and you will make a strong impression on the IELTS Examiner.

Here are some more advanced phrases. If you can just use one of these at the right time during the IELTS test, it will show that you have good ability in English.

    Example 1: Looking at the whole picture, it is clear that...
    Example 2: Considering all the points mentioned, we can see that...
    Example 3: We can see from this discussion that...
Another way to summarize is with a question. Practice the patterns below until you can say them perfectly:
    Question 1: What can we conclude from this discussion?
    Question 2: What do all these facts mean?
    Question 3: What is the importance of all this?
When you summarize, don't be afraid to repeat information you talked about earlier. The main thing is to express your ideas in a different way. This shows the examiner that you are capable of communicating your message using various language patterns.

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