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IELTS Speaking Function Ten
Making a Contrast in English

To make a contrast (show how things are different) in English, you can use some of the same patterns from IELTS Speaking Function Nine for making comparisons. The most important thing is to add a negative word such as "not" or use "less" instead of "more". Study the examples below, then use them on the IELTS Speaking Test whenever you are talking about things that are not the same.

    Example 1: D is not as easy to use as E.
    Example 2: G is less important than H.
Students often make a big mistake when making comparisons. They often confuse the two words "different" (an adjective) and "difference" (a noun). Using those words well can make a very good impression on the IELTS Examiner!
    Example 3: K is good but L is very different. L is much better than K because...
    Example 4: The difference between M and N is that...
When contrasting three things, use the superlative - "most" or "-est":
    Example 5: P is not the most intellegent choice. Q is the most intelligent.
    Example 6: S may not be the largest one. I think T is the largest.
A very useful English expression you can use to get a better score on the IELTS test is "On one hand... but on the other hand...". The two things being compared should be similar in many ways but different in one important way.
    Example 7: Question - Who is the better basketball player, Tom or Jack? Answer, using contrast - On the one hand, Tom is taller than Jack. On the other hand, Jack is quicker and stronger.
As with comparisons, making contrasts in English is not very difficult, but you must speak accurately during the IELTS test. So, practice these sentence patterns until you can say them fluently. Good luck!

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