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Teacher Joe goes to a very wonderful website where he meets people from all over the world. The website is called Yahoo Games. You can play all kinds of games there - card games, board games like chess or checkers, role-play games and more. For learning English, you can play these games against other people, most of whom can speak English! As you play more and more, you can meet good friends who like the same games you like, and chat with them during and after games.

The first thing you have to do is find a game that you enjoy and want to learn how to play. Teacher Joe's favorite game is called 'backgammon', but you may prefer mahjong or poker or some other game. All of the games have instructions, which will be good reading practice for most students.

Be patient in getting to know people. It takes time to find people who not only like the same game as you, but also want to chat. But when you do find someone and get to know them, you may even have the chance to meet them outside the game site. (Teacher Joe once met another backgammon player in Malaysia - that was really cool!) So, you can not only chat in English, you can have a lot fun!

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