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IELTS Speaking Function Four
Justifying Opinions in English

In Lesson Three we learned How to Express an Opinion in English. If you have time on the IELTS test, you should also express why you hold your opinion. To begin, you can use these basic phrases to justify an opinion in English:

    the reason is...
    the reason I believe that is...
    the facts suggest...
    the evidence shows...
You can justify your opinion more effectively by being more specific. Try some intermediate phrases like these:
    The first reason I believe this is...
    The main reason I feel this way is...
    There are several reasons I believe this. The first is...
When you are not completely certain, you can try one of these more advanced English phrases:
    I don't have any special reason for believing this. It just seems right to me.
    I could be wrong as I have no special reason for believing this. I just feel this is right.
When you ARE certain, try one of these phrases:
    There is a lot of evidence to support my point of view. For example...
    There are many facts in favor of my opinion. One such fact is...

Remember, your job is NOT to convince the examiner that your opinion is "right" or "good". Your only job is to show the examiner that you are able to use English well. So, when you are justifying an opinion in English, be sure to use one or two of the expressions above.

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