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IELTS Speaking Function Three
Expressing Opinions

Here are basic phrases you should use when expressing an opinion in English:

    I think + a sentence using the present tense
    I believe + a sentence using the present tense
    It seems to me that + a sentence using the present tense
    In my opinion + a sentence using the present tense
Saying these intermediate phrases, which show that you are not completely certain of your opinion, can help you get a better IELTS score:
    This is just my opinion, but I think (or believe)...
    I am not very familiar with this topic, but my first thought on this topic is...
For the IELTS test, showing your ability to the examiner is important, so you can try using an introductory clause plus one of the basic phrases above:
    Some people may disagree with me, but I think...
    My own preference is to favor EFG, so I believe...
Sometimes you want to show that you feel quite certain about your point of view. You can express your opinion with these advanced phrases:
    I am convinced that...
    I feel absolutely certain that ABC is better than XYX
    I am quite certain about my opinion regarding LMNOP

Remember that IELTS is an English test so you do NOT have to give a perfect opinion! The most important thing is to show your English ability, which you can do by using more complex sentences using a variety of grammatical structures. Even if your opinion does not seem "right", don't worry. Just speak English as fluently as you can and you will get a great score!

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