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IELTS Speaking Function Two
Giving Non-Personal Information

When giving personal information in English, there is some basic language that you can use. You can start with "I", or "my" (with a direct object) or "mine" (without a direct object). You will often use the present tense of verbs but sometimes you can use the past or the present perfect.

You can start to give personal information in English by using a very general sentence. For example, you could say "I live in an apartment in the city". That is a good enough start, but if you want to getter a better IELTS score, you can give more information. For example, you could add a few small details, like this: "I live in a small apartment in a 15-story building on the west side of the city". Adding details makes your apartment seem real while clearly showing your ability to the IELTS examiner.

After your first sentence, you can then talk about your feelings or give even more details about what is good, or maybe not so good, about your apartment. This will use different sentence structure and vocabulary, which again helps the examiner better understand your English level. Here are some sentences you could use to continue: "I really like the view from my apartment - I can see a park to the south with many trees and there are mountains in the distance" or you could talk about the inside of your apartment - "There are three rooms in my apartment. My favorite is my bedroom where I have a computer set up on my desk and with lots of books on a shelf along the wall".

With sentences like these, you can "see" the room in your mind. The IELTS examiner will see it too, and so will give you a better score!

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