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Write a Journal in English

Writing well is the hardest thing to do in another language because we rarely get good practice. Writing in a journal every night before going to bed is a great way to practice. You should write about anything that happened during the day, including your thoughts, feelings and reactions to those events. Also write about what you hope to do the next day.

At first, try to write the way you speak. Use simple sentences and basic vocabulary. Focus on being clear, so that any other person could understand your meaning. Imagine that you are writing to a friend who is far away or that you are writing for a distant cousin. You could imagine that you are writing to a famous person, your favorite singer, or to a movie star perhaps! This will keep you focused on communicating clearly.

I believe you should write for 20 minutes every night for three weeks. After that time, you should see two big improvements. First, you will write more fluently, more easily. This will help you when you need to quickly write an email or a report for your job. Second, you will focus more on correct English when you read it, which will help you remember and improve your English.

Good luck with your studies. You can do it!

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